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Role player & auditor & gamer & totally a future web developer!
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About me

Who am I

Well, hi hi to everyone, my name is Skip Stop! And I didn’t think that filling this block with text would be such a difficult task.

I am 23 years old. Having graduated from college in my country, I left my parents and left for another country where I graduated from the university and where I am to this day. Unfortunately, in spite of the two educations, I believe that my level of English is somewhere on the floor.

To tell you the truth, most of my conscious life I was, let's say, quite a complex person. Most of the time I spent alone, sitting at a laptop and talking with people only in case of emergency. No, I’m not a sociopath, it’s just that life has developed so that I’m used to loneliness and therefore, I’m probably just a introverted person.

But let's not talk about sad things! Because in May 2019, I joined to AFW! And now I can honestly say that this event influenced me very much. Here I met very good people, thanks to whom I try to be more open. But even now I can say that to some extent I have become better as a person. Thanks to everyone with whom I keep in touch.

Oh yes, what kind of site is this, and where did it come from? Recently, I decided that I was tired of my work and therefore I decided to change my profession. I have long been visited by the idea of ​​becoming a web developer and I decided why not. And this is the first result of my self-education.

First things first

Since you are here, I think you need to know a few things
Here is the basic information that explains some points. Not required, but desirable to read.
Any suggestions

I'm open to any suggestions.

Do you have any ideas about the interaction of our characters? Or you have no ideas, but do you think that we can come up with something together? Let's discuss this. It's possible that we will not come to anything. But it's possible that we will come to a great storyline.

My opportunities: A bit busy

Free - there is time to write posts often (at least once a three days) and there is opportunity to take a few threads for my characters

A bit busy - there is time to write posts relatively often (at least once a week), but opportunity to take threads is limited enough

Busy - there is almost no time to write posts (maximum once a two weeks) and there is no possibility to take threads

Break - I do not write posts and do not take threads

I have to ask you to do three things before sending me message about rp. These three simple things will save time for you and me.
My posts

Please read my posts and make sure you understand them.

English is not my native language. Judging by the reviews, I write pretty well in English, however, I already had to face the fact that my posts may not be understandable to everyone.

My writing style

Please make sure the style of my posts suits you.

I believe that each person sees rp in own way. My posts show how I write matches and how I write backstage.

Your time

Please make sure you have the opportunity to write posts a little more often than once a month.

There is nothing special to add. I understand that there are unforeseen breaks. But I do not want to be in a situation where I receive an reply once a year or so.

Hawk Moth
Karen Aoki-Justice
Sand Lizard
Charlotte Ravel'
Sea Star
Margarita Jorgensen
Golden Dragon
Astrid Arvidsson
Lunara Ashmore
Komodo Dragon
Sintharia Ashmore
Black Crow
Lily Menage

According to the idea, here should be a block with reviews about me or my writing. If you have a desire to make a review, then this is your chance.

Jane / Jhon Doe
Role player

My short blog

Sometimes I write something smart. Well... or not so

The shake-up

Let's say that usually my life proceeds rather measuredly. Work and house. Although due to some features of my employment contract, I almost always work at home. But the speach is not about that.
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Just thoughts out loud

Recently, an incident occurred that made me think of such a thing as effort. But now I will not analyze this particular case, so it will be just thoughts out loud.
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About motivation

I believe that motivation is a rather versatile thing. For example this site. I did it on pure motivation, although in the process I thought to give up this idea.
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